Medley – Unified Data Framework

Medley is a technology framework that enables rapid development and deployment of custom data acquisition, aggregation, transformation, and visualization solutions that leverage virtually any data source, structured and unstructured, internal and public.

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About Medley

One of the top priorities for organizations today is to improve Business Intelligence and Analytics capabilities to remain competitive. Disparate silos of data exist in multiple unstandardized formats, including both structured and unstructured, and reside both internally and outside the organizations firewall. The Medley Technology Framework enables rapid deployment of custom solutions to acquire, aggregate, transform, and visualize all of this data to gain meaningful real time insights and actionable intelligence.
Focus on Integration: Medley will enhance and augment your current systems with no need to replace what you already use.

Data Acquisition

Business User Driven Data Acquisition
Acquiring Data is one of the critical component of Medley

  • The Medley Framework Supports:
  • Unstructured data extraction & parsing from external sources
  • Pattern detection during data extraction
  • Real time, on-demand and scheduled data extraction capabilities
  • Disruption free simplified integration with internal data assets of organization
  • Simplified integration with internal data sources

Un-Structured Sources

  • PDFs
  • HTML/Web
  • Web Scrapping
  • Emails Scrapping
  • Log files
  • Social Media
  • Sensors
  • Devices

Structured Sources (Semi-Structured)

  • CSV
  • Text – Fixed Format
  • Relational Datastores
  • Web Services (XML/JASON/TEXT)
  • CRMs

Medley enables self-service data acquisition

With Medley, business users can define their own data sources from local files or databases, to public websites and data feeds, and have that data immediately available alongside existing data for advanced analytics.

Data Aggregation

Business User Driven Data Aggregation

Data acquired from different sources is aggregated/grouped under a single customizable category, enabling similar kinds of data to be viewed together.

The aggregated data is stored under a single structure in a Hadoop cluster, with the data structure defined on-the-fly, depending on the defined category and sub category. No manual or predefined data structure creation is required.

Medley also enables simplified integration of any internal data sources of an organization.
Medley’s dynamic workflows coupled with AI and machine learning establish a centralized ecosystem for managing distributed complex datasets to enable real time analytics and reporting.

Data Transformation

Business User Driven Personalized Transformations

Medley enables business users to define personalized transformations on any available data, then define each transformation set as private, shared, or public for ease of collaboration.
  • Real time personalized data transformation
  • Customized data sets for personal, restricted and public utilization
  • Define once and utilize again
  • Interoperability with all data sources
  • Moving from ETL to personalized ELT
  • Multiple transformations on single source of truth
  • Utilization of same raw organizational data assets/information from multi-business units perspective

Customized Data Cleansing and Standardization

Medley allows users to cleanse and standardize the extracted data the way most meaningful to them. Medley facilitates change rules such as de-duplicate, set formatting, find/replace, remove or add row/column, split/merge add data filters, etc.
The transformed data can easily be integrated with any existing systems and analytics packages, or be deployed with one of R Systems’ pre-configured Vertical Solution Templates to quickly capitalize on the power of big data.

Data Visualization

Enables Actionable Insights

Framework enables visualization of data from both traditional and advance BI perspective for better and faster data-driven decisions. Smooth integration with BI layers like Qlik View, Tableau, MS BI enables existing technology reusability. Leveraging the Medley framework, your company will make better and faster data-driven decisions, react to real time events, identify trends and opportunities as they occur, quantify and evaluate risk, and ultimately improve profitability.
Monetize Data by combining power of your enterprise data & external data
Empowering Deeper, More Insightful Analytics

Make better and faster data-driven decisions
React to real time events, identify trends and opportunities as they occur

Quantify and evaluate risk, and ultimately improve profitability

Addresses today’s challenges of reporting and advance analytics requirements:

  • Low user acceptance and dependency on technology team
  • Multiple versions of truth
  • Offline reporting