ATM Services

ATM Domain Expertise

Helping financial institutes and software companies for developing a wide variety of multivendor applications for ATM, secured payment & Gateway solutions.

R System service offering is based on deep domain experience of the ATM and payment sector. The team has strong technical competencies on the followings :

  • Branch transformation
  • Secured payment solutions
  • Multi-vendor ATM application
  • EMV
  • Messaging Protocols (NDC,DDC(91X),IFX, ISO 8583)
  • CEN / XFS
  • ATM Security
  • SNMP

R Systems offer high quality services to global customers in following areas:

  • Card less transactions / NFC based transactions.
  • Mobile Applications / Tablet Applications
  • Product customization / maintenance /support
  • ATM Management Solutions
  • Third-party integration
  • CRM Integration (Salesforce etc.)
  • ATM on cloud
  • Deposit automation
  • Passbook Printing Solutions.
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