Value added services

On a competitive communication market, service providers continuously need to explore new strategies in order to differentiate and compete successfully. Solely deploying new technologies and rolling out new services is not sufficient. Thinking about adopting new strategic operational and business models is inevitable. In this environment, key architectural telecom designs and value added services mark the future of communication service providers starting from today. To safeguard future revenues, operators need to leverage their infrastructures, simplify network management and speed up time-to-market of new, innovative next generation services.

Enterprise Value Added Services

Computaris Enterprise Services Proposition comprises a suite of basic and advanced Virtual PBX functionalities as well as a complex Virtual Private Network suite.

  • Computaris Virtual PBX Solution provides seamless interoperability with NGN and legacy networks, allowing CSPs to deliver a rich suite of Centrex and advanced voice services to mobile and fixed enterprise customers. It controls the behavior of internal, outgoing and incoming calls to all employees and company main numbers. It features private numbering plans for voice, screening/barring schemes based on different criteria, any-to-any calls, call queuing, hunting lists, group numbers, corporate and user defined rules plus other SME apprehended services.
  • Computaris convergent VPN Solution portfolio enables CSPs to offer reliable and flexible tools to enterprise customers that empower them to securely extend the reach of enterprise voice and video traffic applications to remote employees, contractors, partners and customers whilst maintaining productivity.

Consumers Value Added Services

Computaris Value Added Services portfolio for the consumer market encompasses a broad range of solutions:

  • Online Charging Front-End - provides real time control of service delivery (voice calls, data sessions, SMS, MMS)
  • Location Based Services - enable CSPs to capitalize on the growing demand for location-enhanced communication to launch enriched, personalized services and consistently proliferate the perceived value of the service offering
  • Call Completion Services and Network Services – enable CSPs to generate new revenue streams by stimulating the generation of calls and revenues that would have otherwise been lost and by assuring a positive customer experience, providing benefits to both the customer and the CSP
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