Six Sigma Methodology

Our Quality Practices

R Systems has a very robust quality framework catering to diverse needs. We are amongst the few pioneering companies that have benchmarked quality practices, evident through our certifications / standards such as CMMI Level 5, PCMM Level 5, ISO 27001:2005 and ISO 9001:2008.

Six Sigma Methodology

Highlights of our Quality practices

  • Dedicated quality team
  • Continual process improvement initiatives through different quality groups
  • Rigorous process audits (both internal and external)
  • External audits by reputed organizations like STQC(Govt. of India),KPMG
  • Very strong Management focus on client satisfaction
  • Close tie-up with ISI, New Delhi since Year 2001
    • Collaborative Research & Project Execution
    • Close interactions with senior professors
    • Worked jointly on six sigma projects
    • Shared many write ups for different seminars


We pride in several innovations in quality, spread across different departments. Following are some key highlights of our innovations:

  • Our Customer Success Group consists of senior technical / domain experts who ensure that customers are able to realize a successful product and stay ahead of competition
  • Cascading Quality philosophy is a far-reaching initiative where a cross-cultural Quality auditors / Analysts from corporate quality team stationed at these centres identify areas of improvement and ensure that a robust quality management system is designed & implemented.

Six Sigma Initiatives

We have implemented several projects as part of our six sigma initiatives

Green Belt Projects S/w Unit
  • Reduction of turn-around-time for critical fixes
  • Reducing turnaround time of recruitment
  • Improving employee satisfaction level
  • Reducing variances in effort estimation of bug fixes
  • Reducing cost of document printing
  • Reducing the monthly electricity consumption
  • Increasing ftr of testing process
  • Reducing network request resolution time
Green Belt Projects BPO Unit
  • Design effective transition methodology for health care management process
  • Improving call quality of agents
  • Increase sales revenue by 50 % of current sales by end of q2
  • Improve initial response time of web cases
Black Belt Projects S/w Unit
  • Improving success rate for proposals submitted to prospective clients
  • Reduce the variance in the effort & delivery schedule for various overseas projects executed at Noida center
  • Reduction of customer dissatisfaction due to problems in communication for offshore project management
  • Reducing total cycle time from billing to receivable for overseas projects
  • Improving first time right during the development stage in a project
  • Increasing productivity on s/w development floor
Black Belt Projects BPO Unit
  • Increasing productivity on bpo- floor
  • Improving the profit margin of processes on bpo floor
  • reduction of cycle time for case closure for technical support services

Processes & Tools

R System’s integrated pSuite framework understands the need for software product development companies to reduce costs and bring products to market faster

pSuite Tool

  • Integrated tool for managing Product Development lifecycle
  • High workflow capability
  • Real time dashboard view of project tasks, weekly reports,time sheets, team distribution and overall project health

Bug Tracking zeroD Tool

  • Comprehensive capturing of defects
  • Definable workflows and Team communications
  • Complete history and audit trail of defects
  • Customizable reports & graphical view of Defect Cycles & Status
  • Communication – Capturing discussions and sharing knowledge
  • Task level integration with pSuite

Knowledge Exchange Tool

  • Organization wide Knowledge Exchange Portal
  • Secured access to Project Knowledge Pieces (KPs)
  • Role based secured access to all stakeholders, including a guest access
  • Knowledge is managed across three dimensions
    • Domain
    • Technology
    • KP Type

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