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Qlik Sense is a complete data analytics platform that sets the benchmark for a new generation of analytics. With its one-of-a-kind associative analytics engine, sophisticated AI, and high performance cloud platform, you can empower everyone in your organization to make better decisions daily, creating a truly data-driven enterprise.

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Put world-class, modern analytics in everyone’s hands

Qlik Sense is for all of us – executives, decision-makers, analysts… you. Enable any BI use case and let users freely search and explore to uncover insights they won’t find with query-based BI tools.

Create a data literate workforce with sophisticated, AI-powered analytics

Insight Advisor, your AI assistant in Qlik Sense, instantly raises the data literacy of every user through insight generation, task automation, and search & natural-language interaction.

Experience unmatched performance – on enterprise SaaS or your cloud of choice

Get the convenience of SaaS and the choice of multi-cloud and on-premise for the most demanding enterprises. Scale confidently with powerful data integration, open APIs, and flexible governance.

Modern data analytics for the enterprise

Deliver an amazing analytics experience that’s built to transform your entire business.

Explore without boundaries

Our unique Associative Engine allows people to explore freely in any direction, recalculating analytics and highlighting data relationships after each click. It’s like peripheral vision, revealing insights you can’t see with SQL and query-based BI tools.

Create analytics faster

Easily combine and load data, create smart visualizations, and drag and drop to build rich analytics apps accelerated by suggestions and automation.

Let AI amplify your mind

Insight Advisor enhances human intuition throughout Qlik Sense with suggested insights and analyses, automation of tasks, search & natural language interaction, and real-time advanced analytics.

Share and go mobile

Stay productive online or offline with fully interactive mobile analytics. Make discoveries, easily collaborate, and take action with data — anywhere, anytime.

Build, extend, embed

Develop any analytics you can imagine with a complete set of open APIs and bring them into any app, project, or process with powerful embedded analytics support.

Scale across the cloud

Easily combine SaaS, hybrid multi-cloud, and on-premise deployment options with the industry’s only true multi-cloud architecture. The choice is yours.

Any experience. One platform

To ignite enterprise-wide transformation, bring together all your data into a single data analytics platform that supports all use cases and users of all skill levels.

Self-Service Visualization and Discovery

Easily combine, load, visualize, and explore your data, no matter how large (or small). Ask any question and follow your curiosity. Search, select, drill down, or zoom out to find your answer or instantly shift focus if something sparks your interest. Every chart, table, and object is interactive and instantly updates to the current context with each action. Smart visualizations reveal the shape of your data and pinpoint outliers. And get faster time to insight with assistance from Insight Advisor for chart creation, association recommendations, and data preparation.

Interactive Dashboards

Create, share and distribute powerful dashboards to support executives, business leaders, and anyone else that needs to stay on the pulse of the business. Every element is interactive, taking users beyond the static dashboards of the past. When something stands out, easily dive in to explore what’s happening. Powerful global search and selections help you quickly hone in on the information needed to understand the situation and take action. With Qlik Sense, dashboards become a powerful jumping-off point to make better, data-driven decisions.

Search and Conversational Analytics

With search-based analysis, Insight Advisor, your AI assistant in Qlik Sense, auto-generates the most relevant and impactful visualizations and analyses for the user, based on natural language processing (NLP). Users get a series of auto-generated and prioritized charts, which they can edit and adjust and then directly add to fully interactive dashboards for further exploration.

And with conversational analytics, all types of users get a faster and easier way to ask questions and discover insights. Insight Advisor Chat offers a fully conversational experience in Qlik Sense. It uses natural language processing and generation (NLP & NLG) to understand user intent and respond with answers and added insights, both narrative and visual. And because it works across Qlik Sense apps, it allows people to find the right insights even if they don’t know where to look.

Custom and Embedded Analytics

Qlik Sense is a complete data analytics platform that helps you tackle even the most complex analytics challenges. The complete set of open APIs enables you to fully customize analytics solutions. Rapidly develop custom apps, new visualizations, and extensions, or embed fully interactive analytics within the applications and processes people focus on every day. And Insight Advisor offers advanced analytics integration with real-time, engine-level data exchange, so users get the interactive power of Qlik Sense to explore predictive calculations from third-party data science tools such as R and Python.


Simplify and accelerate the organization and delivery of business-ready data to Qlik Sense with a secure, enterprise-scale catalog that contains all of the data your organization has available for analytics, no matter where it is. Powerful, automated data validation, profiling, and quality measures document the exact content and cleanliness of each data source to help streamline the transformation of raw data into analytics-ready information assets. Every dataset, including QVD files, are clearly described with quality, operational, and usage metrics as well as business and technical metadata, including lineage and other user defined properties.

Reporting and Alerting

Quickly build, publish and share great looking reports in popular formats like Microsoft® Office and PDFs. Create reports using Qlik Sense analytics, with highly flexible design and formatting control. Easily schedule reports for distribution, customized for recipients, with delivery via email, shared folders, or a centralized hub.

Provide sophisticated, data-driven alerts that help users proactively monitor their business and take timely action based on insight. With support for both self-service and centralized alerting, Qlik Sense allows users to request alerts and organizations to widely broadcast insights. And unlike other products, our alerting technology is fully data-driven, not based on individual visualizations, so you can monitor all your data without limitations.


Qlik Sense is built for mobility, with responsive design and touch interaction native to the platform. Easily create and explore analytics on any device, through native apps for iOS and Android or the browser. Build analytics apps once and they work everywhere. And get fully interactive offline analysis and integrated alerting with push notifications for insight and action at the point of decision.


Qlik Sense offers powerful mapping and location-based analytics. Easily add multi-layer maps to your applications that include automatic geodata lookup, and then overlay them with multiple visualization layers. Go beyond mapping to understand geospatial insights, with powerful geographic calculation for use cases such as potential store locations, customer distributions, or supply chain delivery times.

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