Business Process Management Solution and Services

Business Process Management Services

Business Process Management is more than just an automated workflow. R Systems is capable of meeting the diverse and comprehensive needs of enterprises to streamline their business processes. R Systems-BPM services offer the right roadmap for enabling process improvement endeavor for small and large enterprises. Our in-depth industry knowledge, domain expertise, and rich experience make us an emerging leader in BPM. We also plan to set-up exclusive R&D centers for BPM in the future.

Benefits of BPM

BPM benefits are far-reaching and they can be quantitative, as well as, qualitative. These have a direct impact on organizational productivity. Following are some key benefits of BPM:

  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Enhanced performance
  • Optimum resource utilizations and improved productivity
  • Process standardization
  • Helps enterprises to quickly adapt to changing business environment
  • Organizations become agile after implementing BPM

BPM Lifecycle

Business Process Management Lifecycle

R Systems' Workflow Management Solution

R Systems has developed its own workflow management solution, Flodox, for BFSI under the brand INDUS. Flodox is a web-based system that helps reduce paper flow, manual processing and document distribution costs, as well as, prioritize business tasks, electronically. It provides the fundamental tools necessary to quickly create cost-saving and productivity enhancing workflows.

Key Differentiators

  • Domain expertise
  • Hybrid delivery model (offshore & onshore) through our 10 development centers
  • Business process knowledge (SMEs with more than 10+ year experience across industries)
  • R&D lab being set-up
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