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R Systems has a rich experience in providing Media services to some of the leading global companies in Europe, US and Asia. With over 10 years of exhaustive experience in IPTV, DVB & OTT domains. We have delivered End-to-End services – R&D, Architecting, Development, Testing, Setup & Configuration, Maintenance, 24x7 Customer Support, System Integration, Database & Infrastructure Support Services.

IPTV Software Application Services


  • Working for multiple IPTV, DVB & OTT Operators across the globe
  • Practical know-how of R&D, System Engineering and Product Management units
  • Bleeding Edge Innovation through Mobile Convergence
  • Independent Lab Setup and Complete Software configuration setup for IPTV, DVB & OTT
  • Proficiency in the area of Data, Video and Speech Analytics.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy to address business and market challenges faced by Media and Entertainment Enterprises
  • In-depth understanding of DVB market trends, compliance with ETSI standards and forecasting
  • Development, integration and verification of HMA (Handset Mobile Application)
  • Integration and development of Cryptographic APIs for STBs & other OTT Devices
  • Applications development in the areas of Data, Video and Speech Analytics
  • Database & Infrastructure Support Services


  • Rich Experience in developing Hybrid OTT & IPTV architectures
  • Deep understanding of Adaptive bitrate Streaming media solutions like MPEG-DASH
  • Extensive experience in dealing with video compression standards like HEVC (h.265)
  • Experience on both legacy and cloud based media frameworks.
  • Smart TV & Roku App development
  • Ability to handle DVB-T/C/S/S2 architectures and their successful implementation for inter-working with IPTV middleware
  • Decryption test of Digital contents
  • Compatibility Test with various vendor’s STBs, Smart TVs, Smartphones & Tablets
  • Middleware & Drivers for Set Top Box
  • VOD, SOTV, TSTV feature implementations

Key Differentiators

  • 1000+ person years of experience
  • Experience with Multiple Layers on the Client, Middleware Integration & Implementation
  • Relationship with Customer
  • R Systems trademark to deliver software products with the utmost quality
  • End-to-End domain expertise
  • 24x7 Remote Support of Live Implementations
  • Technology Selection Freedom
  • Flexibility
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Multi-location support in 6 Time Zones
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