R Systems AWS Partner Overview On
Windows Workloads & CloudEndure Capabilities

  SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

  11:30 AM CDT

About the Webinar:

R Systems, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, is hosting this Lunch & Learn via Grubhub, exclusively for AWS sales personnel interested in hearing from one of our AWS customers, Proctor Financials, on how we are helping them navigate their Cloud journey.

We will also be joined by senior panelists from the AWS Windows Workload & CloudEndure team who will be providing their capabilities overview & funding programs available to you.

Once you register for the event you will receive the web conference details along with your $30 Grubhub meal voucher.

Key Takeaways:

  • R Systems Cloud Capabilities/Assessment Offerings

  • Learn About AWS Funding Programs to Help Support Sales

  • Tools Available to Evaluate AWS Migration Readiness

  • Benefits of Optimized Licensing Assessment (OLA)

  • CloudEndure for Migration

  • How to Engage R Systems in Pre-Sales Opportunities

Speaker Profiles:

  • Tom Stoklosa, Sales Director | R Systems

  • Bali Singh, Director – AWS Cloud | R Systems

  • Jason Holladay, Enterprise Director – Data & Integration | Proctor Financials

  • Brannon Manning, Sales Lead – Microsoft Platform | AWS

  • David Wegman, Head – Go to Market | CloudEndure

  • Steven Meyer, AWS Windows PDM | AWS

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