Conversation Analytics

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  November–12, 2019     

About the webinar:

In the stiffly competitive business world, nothing beats the significance of being customer-focused. Organizations must respond to customers ‘stated’ and ‘implicit’ needs in real time. As phone calls remain the most popular choice for many customers to interact with organizations, it becomes highly imperative for organizations to handle each conversation with utmost care, proactive support, and effective personalization.

In this context, Real-Time Speech Analytics can play a pivot role in shaping your customer interactions and influencing their behavior, right when it matters the most. R Systems’ specialists in the Salesforce Einstein platform, ML/AI & analytics can help you analyze real-time conversations to gather comprehensive intelligence. Furthermore, we help you leverage the intelligence to design, devise, & implement smart Next Best Actions (NBA) strategies to meet the desired business objectives.

This webinar, hosted by the R Systems’ Salesforce COE, sheds light on the power of Salesforce Einstein Analytics Plus, Salesforce Next Best Action product, and Language components to analyze historical Service Cloud data as well as real-time call transcripts.

Learnings from the webinar:

  • Designing, devising & implementing NBA strategies
  • Recognizing customer intent and predicting churn
  • Deducing the overall sentiment of the call
  • Monitoring business, federal & internal compliance
  • Monitoring call for quality & agent training

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Speaker Profile

Khosrow Hassibi, PHD

Chief Data Scientist