IoT Frameworks for Intelligent Cars & Buildings
From the Sensor, to the Cloud

  MAY 07, 2020       11:00 AM PST

About the Webinar:

The age of Autonomous Vehicles & Intelligent Buildings is not far away, however a pre-requisite to this is to ensure and create a standards-driven, secure path to send IoT data from ECUs in vehicles and sensors in buildings to cloud-based servers. Excelfore implements a standardized pipeline from the edge devices in the car to the cloud based on the eSync Standard. This includes upstream data pull such as device status, error codes, performance metrics and other automotive diagnostic data and downstream data push such as over-the-air software and firmware updates.

We will discuss representative examples using Amazon Web Services. The eSync System running on AWS IoT is compatible with all popular automotive processors and operating systems and sends vehicle data to AWS Cloud. For Intelligent Buildings, data gathering applications use Amazon Greengrass to get inputs from various sensors and incorporate Rules Engine for events at the edge. Sensor data flows from these edge devices and clients running AWS Greengrass to AWS IoT Core over MQTT protocol and AWS Cloud. Data is processed on AWS using EMR and stored in AWS S3. Filtered and processed data is stored on ElasticSearch for final output to Web Apps and User Management is federated at the back-end using AWS Cognito, which allows new users to register securely and access a “diagnostic portal”. The R Systems AWS solution lends to develop actionable operational insights for a complete IoT supply chain.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to get started using AWS IoT services for sensor data collection and synchronization services
  • Learn how to use AWS IoT technology for Automotive and Smart Building use cases
  • Learn how AWS IoT can be used to collect, organize and process IoT data, using AWS Greengrass and eSync with AWS Cloud Services

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Speaker Profiles

Dr. Harsh Verma

Head — IoT AWS Future Technologies Center

R Systems


Taze Miller

Partner Solutions Architect



Shrikant Acharya

President & CTO