Credit Monitoring and Fraud Detection:
Powered by Modern Data Architecture

  December–10, 2019     

About the webinar:

Modern data Management is a complex, multifaceted discipline that must attend to architecture, modelling, governance, and quality. To accomplish the strategic objectives, you need an administrative process that includes acquiring, validating, processing and protecting data comprehensively.

R Systems has implemented the Credit Monitoring and Fraud Detection data pipeline for financial services institutions using Modern Data Architecture Suite. By leveraging AWS, analytics, Big Data and rules engine, R Systems has created mechanisms to adjust customers’ credit lines, and also have the ability to suspend accounts and send real-time notifications.

This webinar, hosted by R Systems, is focused on how to ensure immaculate fraud and credit monitoring leveraging the power of Modern Data Architecture Suite.

Learnings from the webinar:

  • How to extract insights from Oracle ERP and Dun & Bradstreet
  • How to enrich data with output from D&B credit models
  • How to load data into AWS Data Lake and automate feeds to D&B

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Speaker Profile

Ajay Jha

Director – Big Data & Analytics