R Systems leverages Salesforce capabilities like the rapid application development platform, community portal and analytical capabilities to help clients enrich their engagements with customers, partners and employees. We harness the power of the Salesforce platform to bring industry-specific, pre-configured solutions to market for our clients.

Sales Cloud

Maximize the business value of your sales cloud

R Systems help organizations which are considering new investments in Sales Cloud or looking to maximize the value of their Sales Cloud. R Systems facilitates implementation of Sales Cloud as per your business needs to accelerate your sales productivity.

Our Sales Cloud services include:

  • Sales Cloud Strategy– Get a better visibility into your sales pipeline
  • Agile based Implementation- Rapid development and testing to deliver functionality which gets measurable business benefits
  • Customization- Customize objects, workflows and other pre built apps to suit your business needs
  • Automation- Minimize the number of interactions required to get information by sales reps
  • Custom Dashboards– Get the most valuable metrics and insights through custom dashboards and reports
  • Sales Cloud Modernization– Deploy optimal business processes to accelerate the value of your CRM investments

Marketing Cloud

Personalize customer experience across every channel

R Systems pioneers in customizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud to personalize customer experience across every channel. Fuel your business growth by reaching the customers at the right time with the right message through R Systems marketing cloud customization solutions. Manage your digital campaigns and optimize the advertising along the customer journey.

  • Personalize email messages with data from disparate sources
  • Messaging based on events, location, proximity etc.
  • Analyze social conservations to understand customers, brands and competitors
  • Analyze customer behavior and gain insights

Service Cloud

Improve your operational efficiency leveraging AI powered platform

Deliver an omnichannel experience to your customer with the help of a customized customer support software. We significantly improve your operational efficiency by providing pre-built dashboards and integrated apps built on AI powered platform. Gain a unified 360-degree view of your customers to drive agent efficiency and customer success. We help you to connect your mobile workforce on a unified platform.

Our Service Cloud offerings include:

  • Cloud based customer support software
  • AI powered platform for agents and managers
  • Mobile based unified platform for field staff
  • 360-degree customer view


Leverage the power of Force.com to enhance business workflows through automation

Enhance business workflows by automating them using Salesforce cloud computing platform Force.com. We help organizations to implement robust Force.com business solutions by developing mobile and web applications based on Force.com. We help in integrating real-time multiple data sources and services with Force.com apps. We aid organizations migrate their legacy business solutions and databases to Force.com based automation solutions.

We provide comprehensive support for
  • Force.com Development
  • Integration
  • Migration
  • Lightning Components


Build effective communities for everyone critical to your business ecosystem

Build a community for everyone critical to your business ecosystem. Strengthen your customer relationships with the help of customer community. Provide a self-service experience with the help of Salesforce community software. Drive your employee productivity by harnessing the power of online collaboration software.

Harness the power of Salesforce Communities with the help of R Systems as follows:

  • Connect and Collaborate with customers, partners and employees
  • Increase sales by connecting with resellers, distributers and partners
  • Engage employees and boost their productivity
  • Improve your customer satisfaction levels

Looking to enrich engagement with your customers, partners and employees through Salesforce platform?

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