R Systems facilitates the Independent Software Vendors who leverage the AppExchange platform to reach out to Salesforce’s large customer base. We help these ISVs create effective go-to-market strategies, develop & roll out competent AppExchange products, build adapters & connectors, and migrate their apps/ products to the AppExchange marketplace.

Product Engineering

Expedite Your Application Time to Market and Achieve Significant Cost Advantages

We empower businesses by leveraging the AppExchange app to add complex features in all their Salesforce instances. We provide comprehensive Salesforce AppExchange development services and also assist in getting your app published on Salesforce AppExchange. We have expertise in developing AppExchange apps that are lightening ready and Salesforce1 compatible.

Our AppExchange service portfolio includes:
  • App Consulting
  • App Development
  • App Exchange Compliance
  • Lightning and Salesforce1

Planned Expansions/ Augmentation

Enhance the value of your app while ensuring smooth delivery

We assist ISVs in a planned expansion of their Salesforce offerings through our augmentation and enhancement services. If you plan to develop a native app or a hybrid product to increase your reach, we have the expertise to help you design, develop, package and launch your product on AppExchange.

  • Development of new platforms/applications for high availability, scalability, throughput and latency
  • Build, enhance or implement a mobile strategy
  • Take leverage of cloud solutions to gain a competitive edge
  • Migrate data to a new or existing Salesforce environment

QA Support

Ensure superior quality Salesforce products through automation frameworks

We offer end-to-end Quality Assurance and support to ISVs for a successful implementation of Salesforce. Our testing methodology harnesses the power of automation frameworks and innovative solutions to ensure superior quality of Salesforce products.

Our suite of QA support services includes:

  • Risk management for early defect detection and prevention
  • Test consulting for test process standardization, CQE assessments, and test lab set up
  • Functional testing and Non-functional testing
  • Compliance testing including FDA, HIPAA, PCI and SOX.
  • Specialized testing such as cloud readiness, device-based, mobile, embedded, and package-based testing for ERP suites

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