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R Systems is a proud sponsor of HIMSS 20, Global Health Conference & Exhibition which brings together nearly 45,000 health information & technology professionals, clinicians, executives and market suppliers from around the world.

Come and visit our Booth No. 4111 to see how we are driving seamless Digital Health Transformation for our clients.


R Systems' mission is to help our healthcare clients enhance patient experience, reduce costs, streamline operations & increase profitability through digital, business analytics and AI.

Our agile development approach and innovative tools ensure cutting-edge healthcare automation solutions.

R Systems Healthcare Services

The vast majority of healthcare Payer organizations are severely limited by aging IT and operational systems. These setbacks hinder the efficient management of digital ecosystems with providers, groups, agents, and members.

Payers must adopt smart Electronic Data Interchange models that adhere to HIPAA requirements and current expectations of customer-centricity.

As a leading technology services provider, R Systems enables Payers to keep up with changing healthcare demands, introduce automated processes, and enhance quality of care.

The rapid transition to “value-based care” models has forced healthcare Providers to reassess their strategic vision.

Every Provider knows the importance of adopting advancements in AI and Internet of Things, yet few understand the sheer complexities of organization-wide integration to meet modern challenges of healthcare administration and “one-stop” patient expectations.

With deep expertise in enterprise digital transformation, R Systems empowers Providers to adapt to data-fueled healthcare ecosystems and make their quality of care more patient-specific.

The fast-changing nature of the public healthcare marketplace requires Government stakeholders to be exceedingly versatile.

With the undying struggle to provide excellent patient care while reducing overhead costs, stakeholders must capitalize on IT modernization and AI advancements to implement smarter population health programs.

As an industry leader in digital transformation, R Systems enables Government agencies to develop more efficient execution and reporting of public care delivery.

Modern Medical Equipment is only as good as the software it has in place. Advancements in the cloud, mobility, AI, and Internet of Things have sparked demands for increased connectivity and impeccable quality assurance.

Manufacturers across the board are finding adequate software integration to be their biggest obstacle in success. Combining a rich background in Product Engineering and AI testing, R Systems supports medical equipment manufacturers in producing exceptional solutions that transcend boundaries of medical care.

Innovation in medical technology and the emergence of patient-centric business models have inundated the Life Sciences companies with challenges. Many organizations are struggling with big data overload and modernizing supply chain management in accordance with drug safety compliance.

With years of experience in strategic digital transformation, R Systems is a key enabler for Life Science organizations to refine legacy infrastructures to improve quality and time-to-market.

The primary focus of our revenue cycle solutions specialized team is to streamline your revenue flow, track underpayments, enforce HIPAA-compliant policies, meet local regulatory norms, and improve acceptance v/s denial ratios.

We deploy time-sensitive resource bandwidth to review, optimize, and manage varied components of billing cycle information along with creating a systematic and simplified workflow that can be easily integrated to your system to ensure hassle-free approvals of your claims.


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