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Simplifying Operations, Boosting Efficiency, and Shaping the Future of Financial Services

In the banking and financial services industry, we are at the forefront of driving innovation for leading financial institutions and FinTech companies. Our mission is to simplify their operations, boost efficiency, and craft customer-focused products that define the future of financial services. We empower our client to deliver hyper-personalized financial services that are valued by their customers in real banking world.

For banks/credit unions, our solutions make customer onboarding quicker and offer a seamless banking experience across all channels. In lending, we focus on speeding up the loan process, integrating credit scoring, and automating underwriting. In the cards & payments we excel in enabling real-time payments, modernizing payment systems, end to end card processing solutions. In fintech space, we craft products for customer engagement platform, anti money laundering, Neo banking & Open banking APIs.

Our expertise extends across the globe, with a successful track record in North America, Europe, and the APAC regions. We bring together the power of Microservices, Cloud, AI, ML, and the innovative capabilities of Gen AI to effectively tackle complex real-world challenges in the banking and financial services industry. Partner with us to deliver world-class customer experience.

Industry Segments

Delivering Cutting-edge Technology and Innovation for BFS Leaders


R Systems delivers secure, scalable banking solutions that drive digital transformation and enrich customer experiences in the banking sector.

Cards and Payments

We offer innovative card and payment platforms that streamline transactions and enhance payment security for financial institutions.

Digital Lending

Our digital lending services revolutionize loan processing with automated, customer-centric solutions for faster, smarter credit decisions.


R Systems propels fintech innovation with agile, technology-driven solutions that disrupt traditional finance with improved accessibility and efficiency.

Service Offerings

Revitalize your banking systems with our expertise in transitioning legacy applications to agile and scalable microservices architecture.

Optimize financial transaction efficiency and security with our advanced payment modernization solutions.

Integrate third-party solutions seamlessly into your banking systems, creating a cohesive and comprehensive financial service ecosystem.

Embrace the future of banking through cloud migration and adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, unlocking enhanced flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Transform customer experiences with our digital banking solutions, providing modern, user-friendly interfaces and innovative features that redefine the banking experience.

Promote collaboration and innovation through our open banking platform, facilitating secure data sharing and empowering the development of cutting-edge financial services.

Enhance your banking applications with our professional UX/UI development services, creating visually appealing and user-centric designs to optimize customer engagement.

Assure your banking applications’ reliability and performance with our quality assurance and engineering services, delivering industry-standard robust solutions.

Products and Solutions

Innovative Financial Solutions by R Systems

From omni-channel banking to AI-powered customer support, our offerings are meticulously crafted to enhance service delivery, client engagement, and operational excellence.

  • Omni-channel Mobile and Online Banking Solution
  • Digital client on-boarding solution
  • Wealth Management – Advisory Solution
  • Customer 360° Dashboards
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Platforms
  • AI Based Credit Risk Analysis & Fraud Detection
  • Real-time Payment
  • Digital Wallets & Loyalty Rewards
  • Complete Card Management System
  • Self Service Banking Kiosks
  • AI-powered chatbots for customer support
  • Customer Engagement Platform & Account Aggregation
Success Stories

Core Banking Solution for North American Banking Leader

Modernized core banking app, providing continuous real-time processing, 40% setup time savings, optimized batch processing, and 12-15% increased profitability for Banks and Credit Unions.

Integrated seamlessly with third-party systems, it supports 40% of Canadian CUs and Banks, ensuring automatic reconciliation of inter-branch accounting.

Success Stories

Digital Client Onboarding for a Caribbean-based Canadian Banking Leader

Transformed and accelerated the client onboarding process by developing a secure Digital Onboarding Portal, successfully onboarding nearly 12,000 customers within two years of launch.

The scalable and maintainable services enable easy customization, leading to reduced operational costs, improved efficiency, and significant cost savings for the client.

Success Stories

Payments and Card Processing Solution for a Leading US-Based Prepaid Card Processing Company

Developed a comprehensive web portal and mobile app (Android and iOS) for cardholders, incorporating third-party integrations and enabling real-time card-to-card transfers.

Resulting in a 20% increase in customers, an improved user experience, and significantly reducing card loading time from a day to under a minute, the solution also increased POS transactions by 40%.

Success Stories

Real Time Payment Integration (RTPI) for a Caribbean-based subsidiary of a major Canadian bank

Designed and developed backend services for instant payment integration, ensuring secure transfers, utilizing ISO 20022 messaging for detailed information, and improving customer satisfaction through efficient liquidity management.

The solution sets the groundwork for immediate money transfers using phone numbers or email IDs.

Success Stories

Payments Solution for Open/Closed Loop Cards for a Leading U.S.- Based Reseller and Distributor of Corporate Gift Cards and Digital Solutions

Transformed the client's app into a cloud-based system, cutting operational costs by 30%, speeding up order execution, markedly reducing fraud, and ensuring a secure cloud infrastructure.

The solution provided a personalized digital experience, boosted business flexibility, introduced a customer-ready white-label option, and lowered the human resources budget by 40%.

Success Stories

Instant Card Issuance for Caribbean-Based Subsidiary of a Major Canadian Bank Financial Services Leader

Designed and developed backend services for immediate card issuance, boosting customer satisfaction by printing over 10,000 cards within six months of launch.

The solution instantly delivers personalized cards to customers, a major improvement from the previous lengthy process, and offers a hassle-free solution for lost or damaged card replacements, ensuring proper tracing of all requests.

Success Stories

ATM User Interface for a U.S. Based Multinational Financial and Retail Technology Company

Enhanced the ATM terminal software by enabling cardless transactions, multicurrency withdrawals, denomination selection, and dynamic transaction cost computation, resulting in a 13% improvement in dispensing multicurrency calculations.

The solution also boosted performance, increased revenue, supported surcharge and fee implementation, and provided personalized views for selected and remaining amounts.

Success Stories

Tech-Powered Lending Platform for Small Business Entrepreneurs with a Loan Application Solution

Customized solution streamlined the client's loan processing with cloud-enabled capabilities, efficient tenant and product definition, and customer-friendly interfaces for swift loan application processing.

The integrated system ensures quick and accurate data for analysts, underwriters, and servicing team members.

Success Stories

AML & Fraud Management System for a Global Market Leader in Financial Crime and Compliance Management

Enhanced the client's product with improved AML/Fraud RCM plugins, new AIS processes, and optimized performance, resulting in enhanced fraud detection and a 40% reduction in manual effort.

Efficient role handling, improved graphical workflows, enhanced data representation in reports, overall improved end-client experience, and reduced operational and maintenance costs.

R Systems Advantage

Giving You The Edge To Win Banking and Financial Services Industry

With R Systems, your business will benefit from swift, secure transactions, robust compliance, and strategic cross-selling to drive sales, all while ensuring the highest standards of security and risk management.

Enhanced Loyalty through Seamless Customer Experiences

Personalized Interactions for Stronger Customer Bonds

Secure, Rapid Identity Verification against Fraud

Strategic Cross-Selling for Revenue Growth

Global Expansion with Diverse Market Connectivity

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