About Us


18 delivery centers

25+ offices worldwide

4000+ Workforce
1000+ Clients
US$ 156.52mn Revenue (2021)


R Systems is a global technology and analytics services company. We help our clients achieve speed-to-market, overcome digital barriers, and create business value with our specialized service offerings and consultative business approach. We speak the language of business as fluently as we do the language of technology. In other words, we speak digital. Our goal: accelerate our clients’ digital leadership.


Generate business value for our clients through technology, data/analytics and design.

Mission Statement

To deliver on the promise of digital transformation to our clients using:
Technology + Automation, AI & Data + Design.


Become an end-to-end digital transformation partner for our clients.


Put client success first, and focus on staying ahead of the curve with continuous R&D.

Our Journey

Client Value Proposition

We believe in enhancing business value of our clients by delivering path-breaking and sustainable solutions. We are constantly helping organizations explore and implement new business ideas by augmenting the power of technology, data and analytics.

Our methodology focuses on enhancing efficiency by implementing technology to come up with customer-centric and practical and merit-based solution. Our foresighted vision to envisage future enables us to help clients implement new customer-centric service models and leverage big data to plan and implement suitable strategies for desired business outcome.

  • On Time Solutions We understand the value of deadlines. Our team of professionals is always on its toes to provide right solutions to the client within the expected time frame.
  • Consultative Approach Teamwork always pays greater dividends. At every milestone and step, we work in synergy with clients to ensure right business goals are achieved.
  • Value We believe in creating value for our clients. Our innovations powered by technology, design, data and analytics are implemented to create greater business value for enterprises.


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