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Navigating the complexities of automation can be daunting for many organizations, often hindered by coordination challenges, unclear business benefits, missed automation opportunities, deployment setbacks, and overlooked change management needs.

At R Systems, our automation and no-code services are tailored to streamline your transition to automated solutions, ensuring seamless adoption from conception through execution. Our experts leverage a collaborative approach to drive your automation projects forward, optimizing return on investment every step of the way.

Service Offerings

Automation & No-Code Services from R Systems

Empower your business with R Systems’ cutting-edge automation and no-code services, strategically designed to fast-track your digital transformation. Our solutions are tailored to enhance efficiency, reduce complexity, and provide agile responses to market demands, ensuring your enterprise stays ahead in the automation curve.

Enterprise AI

Harness the power of Enterprise AI to drive intelligent decision-making and gain deeper insights across your business operations.

Low-Code No-Code + IPA

Utilize our Low-Code No-Code platforms integrated with Intelligent Process Automation to accelerate development and empower your teams to innovate without limits.

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Combine RPA with AI, ML, and NLP technologies to create Intelligent Process Automation solutions that transform your workflows and enhance operational intelligence.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Deploy Robotic Process Automation to execute repetitive tasks with unparalleled accuracy and speed, freeing up your workforce for more strategic tasks.

Cognitive Automation + Chatbot

Implement Cognitive Automation to mimic human decision-making, paired with advanced chatbots for interactive and personalized user engagement.

Collaboration Across Technology Ecosystem

Driving Innovation with Automation and No-Code Services from R Systems

Our services are designed to deliver speed and accuracy, ensuring rapid deployment and precise performance of automated processes.

With R Systems, scalability is a given. We provide solutions that grow with your business, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Leverage our expertise to reduce operational costs through intelligent automation and no-code platforms, maximizing your return on investment.

Stay ahead of the curve with our technology-agnostic services, which provide a lasting competitive edge in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

We are committed to excellence in service delivery, with flexible engagement models that cater to your unique business needs and strategic focus.

Benefit from our vast network of partner ecosystems, enhancing the value and capabilities of your automation initiatives.

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Success Stories

Global Asset Management Co – Cash Reconciliation

Developed a cash reconciliation solution for a Global Asset Management Company, enhancing the categorization and tracking of cash flow.

Streamlined processes by automating the download and update of cash tracker files, ensuring data is bucketed correctly for each entity.

Implemented a system to compare the cash position with bank files, with discrepancies flagged for the accounting team's review.

Achieved significant improvements: 80% time savings in reconciliation tasks, 95% accuracy in data extraction, and elimination of human errors.

Instituted an automated variance check with a notification system, ensuring immediate correction and communication for non-zero variances.

German Automotive Giant – Reaction Plan Chatbot

Implemented a chatbot solution for a German automotive manufacturer to digitize root cause analysis and reaction plans, previously documented on paper.

The chatbot, built on the Cognigy.AI platform, enables real-time automated conversations, offering instant diagnosis and solutions for machine breakdowns.

Enhanced user interaction with a menu-driven approach and dynamic responses, providing videos and images for an improved solution experience.

The chatbot delivers around-the-clock support, contributing to significant efficiency gains by saving approximately 1000 hours per month and reducing plant service requests by about 200 tickets monthly.

Achieved 100% accuracy in issue resolution and compliance reporting, ensuring reliable plant operations and continuous production.

U.S. Manufacturer - Purchase to Pay Mining

Implemented Celonis Process Mining for a US-based manufacturing client, enhancing transparency across their Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) processes.

Addressed challenges such as manual requisitions and a lack of contract transparency, introducing intelligent insights for touchless orders and benchmarking.

Achieved a 360-degree view of P2P operations, enabling effective monitoring, conformance, and identification of automation opportunities.

Results included a 34% improvement in touchless invoice rates, a 32% reduction in price change ratios within six months, and an 18% increase in overall automation rates in a year.

Successfully implemented 8 automation tasks targeting manual process reduction, significantly streamlining operations.

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