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If Data & AI is merely used reporting and operational efficiency, you know you are not doing it right. Unlock the full potential of intelligent analytics and AI-led growth to achieve strategic business advantage.

R Systems is more than a service provider; we are your strategic partner, integrating data & AI into the very heart of your business operations and transforming your insights and uplifting your CX.

Our domain consultants can shape your data strategy, establish a cloud-based data infrastructure with governance and security and implement master data management. With our advanced methodologies, we ensure high data quality and deliver smart workflow integrations.

Through use case-based application of AI and machine learning, we make your business processes swift, efficient, and more self-learning.

Service Offerings

Data & AI Services

Harness the future of data intelligence and artificial innovation with our Data and AI services, designed to sculpt your data architecture, modernize analytics, and empower decision-making.

Data Strategy and Architecture

Craft the blueprint for your data-driven success with our comprehensive data strategy and architecture services, ensuring optimal data flow and architecture alignment with your business objectives.

Data Stack Modernization

Revitalize your data capabilities with our data stack modernization, upgrading your systems to be more agile, scalable, and ready for the future's data demands.

Generative AI

Unlock creative and analytical potential with our generative AI solutions, driving innovation and efficiency across various business processes and customer experiences.

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Transform data into actionable insights with our business intelligence and data visualization services, enabling informed decision-making through clear, impactful data representation.

Data Product Development

Elevate your data assets into strategic tools with our data product development services, creating custom solutions that harness the power of your data to drive business growth.


Leverage the transformative power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with our AI & ML services, designed to automate, optimize, and revolutionize your business processes and offerings.


Streamline and scale your machine learning workflows with our MLOps services, integrating best practices for continuous integration, delivery, and monitoring of ML systems.

Collaboration Across Technology Ecosystem

Enhancing your CX and productivity through right data utilization

Our service is anchored in extensive expertise across various industries, enabling tailored data and AI solutions that resonate with specific domain challenges and opportunities.

Leverage our streamlined processes and cutting-edge technology to accelerate the deployment of your data and AI initiatives, ensuring a quicker, more efficient path to market.

Benefit from our flexible and responsive approach, adapting quickly to changing market demands and technological advancements, while maintaining high-quality service delivery.

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Success Stories

Observability & Governance Maintenance

Enabled the management and the engineering teams to get a 360° view of their applications, including monitoring, alerting, performance, scalability, reliability, and cost spending.

The POC/stakeholder actually presented the operational metadata solution at the AWS reInvent.

We cut down the spending on observability tools by 70%.

Data Cleanroom Solution

We helped this insights and privacy leader to land multiple multi-million dollar deals with international conglomerates like Disney, Pepsi, L'Oréal, LinkedIn, and many more.

Reduced costs by 80% by introducing optimisations to the data processing and storage architecture as well as infrastructure improvements.

Helped implement CI/CD automation for 50+ microservices on the platform.

Scalable Content Ingestion-Aggregation Platform

Accelerated new feature introductions with a business-critical focus.

Re-architected the metastore project for automated onboarding of content delivery partners.

Rapidly scaled to 3000+ partners in a short time frame.

Designed solution for efficient ingestion and enrichment of over 500,000 media contents on their platform.

Process, and report on metrics related to media content and customer activities.

Data Processing Architecture

Achieved a data processing architecture capable of scaling for up to 10 times more data.

Created essential ETL pipelines for real-time tracking of objects (Satellites & Debris) in lower earth orbit. This benefits organizations like SpaceX, NASA, and ISRO in determining satellite trajectories, orbits, launch times, and ensuring satellite safety.

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