Mobile Broadband Management

Computaris discussed in this webinar how mobile operators can use a well-tailored policy management strategy to enhance customer engagement with an innovative services offering and monetize it with real-time BSS integration.

The proliferation of high speed data connections continues to expand and the needs of subscribers are changing considerably in terms of capacity, performance, and reliability. Policy management allows service providers to deploy business rules targeted at subscribers and services, enabling them to dynamically respond in to business events in real-time. As a result policy management enables service providers to offer their subscribers all the benefits of a fully-converged network in which subscribers can take advantage of a full suite of compelling and fun services, truly enjoy an enhanced user experience and prove their loyalty to the service provider.

As a long-standing system integrator Computaris provides consultancy, design, integration and deployment services in the field of policy management. Our agile team of product experts, solution architects, software developers and test engineers has been involved in and successfully executed several projects related to policy management. Computaris experience covers projects in Bill Shock Management, Fair Usage Policies, parental and content control, and together with our partners we have helped several operators to take their ARMB to new heights.

Bill Shock Management

Bill Shock Management allows service providers to prevent their roaming subscribers from having a frightening experience, also known as a “bill shock”. Together with our partners Computaris has been responsible for the integration of bill shock management solutions, allowing our customers to decrease subscriber churn, and ensure subscriber satisfaction even during roaming. The implementations of our bill shock management systems are fully compliant with European Union regulations as specified in Regulation (EC) No 544/2009 of the European Parliament.

Fair Usage Policies

Computaris consultancy and implementation services also reach the field of Fair Usage Policies. FUP enables operators to offer subscribers fair use of their network resources by enforcing service-specific and subscriber-specific rules during peak hours of network saturation, or by offering dedicated packages allowing subscribers unlimited full-bandwidth usage.

Parental and Content Control

Policy management solutions provide CSPs with a wide range of content and usage controls, allowing authorized subscribers, such as parents or mobile fleet owners, to have a personalized profile of acceptable usage for secondary users, such as children or groups of mobile users. Parental and content control gives users a greater control over the delivery of inappropriate web content, messaging and other applications. Having a policy-based network operators can better manage the bandwidth in use whilst offering their subscribers a greater user experience. Together with our partners Computaris project portfolio includes deep packet inspection (DPI) and network-based URL filtering solutions successfully implemented at customers worldwide.

Average revenue per megabyte

With mobile broadband traffic expected to grow quickly over 20 times of today’s volumes, key to a bright and successful future is for operators to have the right solutions in place to control network traffic volumes. Instead of focusing purely on the traditional ARPU model operators need to embrace the average revenue per megabyte (ARPM) model. Together with one of our partners, Computaris was responsible for the implementation of mobile data charging strategy and DPI solutions.

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