Banking, Finance & Insurance

Driving Digital Innovations for BFSI

R Systems’ mission is to enable digital innovation for enterprises in the Banking, Finance & Insurance industry, helping them put their customers first and achieve operational efficiency.

Digital disruption is affecting the Banking, Finance and Insurance industries at every level. The rise of mobile convenience and online banking has put these organizations under heavy pressure to become more customer-centric, or risk becoming obsolete. As consumer expectations continue to increase around user simplicity, the future of Banking, Finance and Insurance providers depends on their ability to navigate the process of digital transformation.

Our Services Include

Growing competition from FinTech firms and online mobility has forced banking institutions to reinvent their playbooks. The challenges facing today’s banking industry revolve around the implementation of proactive security and modernization of digital touchpoints.

With deep rooted values in digital innovation, R Systems enables banking operations to migrate to ecosystems that prioritize customer convenience, 360-degree security, and adaptability to changing industry regulations.

R Systems has 25+ Years of Insurance Industry expertise within Personal, Commercial, E&S, MGA, Life, Claims, and Financial Services. Our expertise is second to none and includes Underwriting innovation, Process Improvement, Automation Enhancements, Analytics, and elimination of both manual processes and duplicate entry.

Our cutting-edge digital solutions are designed to eliminate manual processes, increase speed to market, mitigate risk exposure, and improve overall quality while focusing on improving “smart risk” selection.

Consumers have more payment options than ever before; a phenomenon that has led to growing demand for immediacy and frictionless transactions.

Today’s financial organizations are challenged to quickly adopt processing portals tied to advancements in the cloud, mobility, and contactless capabilities. R Systems enables financial organizations to meet customer expectations of speedy processing and adapt to emerging payment technologies.

FinTech services are a looming fear of many archaic financial firms. The rise of blockchain, robo-advisors, and mobile accessibility has allowed consumers to sidestep traditional banking institutions and undercut the value they provide. Instead of resisting the evolution of finance, organizations must embrace FinTech advancements to offer future-ready solutions and services that add to their brand credibility.

With an in-depth knowledge of blockchain and mobile banking, R Systems enables you to adopt vanguard financial technology to expand your revenue model and provide excellent value to customers.


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