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Solving real-world problems with technology over 3 decades




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R Systems is a leading digital product engineering company that designs and develops chip-to-cloud software products, platforms, and digital experiences that empower its clients to achieve higher revenues and operational efficiency. Our product mindset and engineering capabilities in Cloud, Data, AI, and CX enable us to serve key players in the high-tech industry, including ISVs, SaaS, and Internet companies, as well as product companies in telecom, media, finance, manufacturing, and health verticals.

Further, R Systems uses its expertise in automation and integration including RPA and No-Code-Low-Code platforms to help enterprises across these verticals achieve their OKRs. We deliver this by helping them digitize entire value chains and infuse intelligent automation. We also partner with software vendors like, AWS, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, Boomi, UiPath, and others to craft domain-specific solutions to accelerate the time-to-value and deliver exceptional customer experience (CX). 

We have constantly innovated over 3 decades through applied R&D to solve real-life problems. Our 4300+ technology experts across our delivery centers in India and Eastern Europe use our deep understanding of business domains and customer use cases to apply the latest technology stacks in cloud, automation, AI, ML, analytics, and mixed reality. 

R Systems corporate social responsibility extends to all communities in societies where we exist. Our endeavors to make a positive impact through our CSR activities are focused on education, health & community development. 

Our growing team is spread across 18 development centers and 25 offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enhance human experience through technology


To enable ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and enterprises to craft innovative human experiences through purposeful digital engineering from chip to cloud.

The R Systems


With a steadfast 'product mindset', we possess the expertise to design, develop and manage world-class digital platforms and products.


Our mission is to guide independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises across industry verticals to engineer and utilize connected products and platforms that deliver meaningful and immersive digital experiences for users. We serve our clients to leverage the power of AI, Automation, Cloud, Data and Analytics to continuously digitize their value chain and improve the operational efficiency of their businesses.

Our Values

Driven By Values That Define Us


R Systems backbone: Our team upholds unwavering integrity, ensuring trust and transparency in every interaction.


Grounded in humility: At R Systems, we listen, learn, and lead with a profound respect for diverse perspectives and experiences.


Fueled by curiosity: Our employees' relentless quest for knowledge drives innovation and excellence in all we do at R Systems.

Culture Pillars

Learn, Grow & Thrive

Client Centricity 

At the heart of our success: Tailoring solutions to fit each client's unique needs and aspirations.


Together, we achieve more: Fostering partnerships that blend diverse insights for outstanding outcomes

Lifelong Learning 

At the heart of our success: Tailoring solutions to fit each client's unique needs and aspirations.

Continuous Improvement

Never settling for 'good enough': Constantly evolving our methods to exceed expectations

Quality by Design

Excellence is our blueprint: Crafting services and solutions where quality is embedded from the start.

Employee well-being

Our team's well-being is our strength: Creating a nurturing environment for our employees to thrive.

Our Strategic Objectives

Deliberately Differentiated.

Talent Beyond Borders 

Our global ensemble boasts best-in-class product engineering minds, transcending borders to shape the future.

Scale with Agility 

As 'large' as it takes to offer a comprehensive spectrum of digital engineering services, yet as 'nimble' as needed to offer tailored solutions with a personal touch

AI-Automation First

The integration of these cutting-edge technologies sets us apart, making our products more intelligent, adaptable, and future-ready

Performance Engineering

We engineer with a relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring products that are not just functional but high on performance. 


R Systems partners with businesses across every major industry to make amazing products and connect the dots between people, products and business opportunities.

Ruchica Gupta

Chairperson & Non-Executive Independent Director

Mr. Nitesh Bansal

CEO and Managing Director

Mukesh Mehta

Non-Executive Director

Amit Dalmia

Non-Executive Director

Animesh Agrawal

Non-Executive Director

Kapil Dhameja

Non-Executive Independent Director

Aditya Wadhwa

Non-Executive Independent Director

Mr. Nitesh Bansal

CEO and Managing Director

Avirag Jain

Chief Technology Officer & EVP

Mandeep Sodhi

Chief Operating Officer

Nand Sardana

Chief Financial Officer

Arun Raghavapudi

Chief Customer Officer

Sanjay Sahay

Chief Marketing Officer

Chan Kum Ming

CEO – R Systems, Singapore

Sidhartha Dubey

VP – Analytics & Knowledge Services

Raluca Rusu

CEO – R Systems, Europe

Gunalan Kalairajan

Head of R Systems, Asia

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