Campaign to Closure

Understanding the overall customer base

R Systems’ C2C solution is geared towards organizational growth by increasing the effectiveness of their omni-channel marketing efforts, generating more sales, tracking compliance and creating customer loyalties by aiding customer service across various stages of the buyer journey.

Campaign to Closure (C2C) is a proprietary solution by R Systems, that offers a wide range of Analytics capabilities that are compatible with both big data & legacy, on-premise & cloud infrastructure.

C2C Solution Approach:


Popularly known as the S-T-P approach, this helps organizations plan their marketing objectives across different channels, thus ensuring products & services are positioned in a way that resonates with the selected target market/segment.

The key here is to understand the customer-base or target audience of any products/services that an organization is looking to market/sell. This is done by understanding the overall customer-base, defining the right customers for the right products, and making informed decisions by deriving actionable insights.

Our Services Include

The first step involves understanding the overall customer base via Customer Segmentation. This is a process of dividing a broad customer-base/business market, normally consisting of existing & potential customers, into sub-groups based on some type of shared characteristics.

Based on the type of business, the two broad categories of segmentation -

B2B Segmentation

B2C Segmentation

Now that we looked at how Campaign to Closure helps segment the customer base, the next step is to identify which of these segments to target for marketing – the use case that is popularly known as Lead Generation or LeadGen in short. There are various ways to target a population to generate leads – can be based on age, occupation, gender etc.

But, the reality is that there’s no “one-size fits all” model for LeadGen, or for any one of the other C2C use cases for that matter. And just like the other use cases, C2C provides multiple models/options in LeadGen too. When we prepare to deploy, we analyze the best fit model for our clients.

The next step after determining who to contact, is How to contact them! Enter, Channel Analytics – C2C’s next key use case!

Top-3 Common Problems

  • Business Preferring a Specific channel – But, with multi-channel marketing, we lose the control of funneling users to one specific medium.
  • More Moving Parts to Manage – Wherein, with so many channels and so little time, it can feel overwhelming trying to harness the multitude of mediums.
  • Increased Time & Expense – Because, there’s so much more to manage with multi-channel marketing, businesses may probably have to devote more time.


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