NorCal Dreamin'

June 27—28, 2019

Sacramento, CA

Don’t Miss Our Speaking Session on:

Top Data Science Use Cases for Einstein Analytics | June 28th, 04:00 – 05:00 p.m.

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Why Attend?

R Systems is a proud sponsor of 2019 NorCal Dreamin' — a Salesforce Conference organized for the Salesforce Community. Join us at the event and meet our Salesforce experts to better understand Salesforce and its importance.

R Systems enables a Salesforce powered digital transformation of your organization and helps you uncover promising areas of digitization on the Salesforce platform.  Our Salesforce experts identify and solve business problems to fuel quick wins that deliver business values for your company.

Listen to Our Speaker

Dr Hassibi will enlighten us with Top Data Science Use Cases for Einstein Analytics. He will talk about:

  • Top Analytics & Data Science use cases that have proven value for Enterprises
  • How to setup an enterprise Analytics/Data Science strategy
  • How to utilize Einstein Analytics as a platform of choice

Our Services Include

R Systems uses advanced analytics that enables you to make smarter business decisions in the way of customer lifecycle and experience, marketing, operations, as well as fraud and risk. For us, the real value of analytics lies in faster and more accurate delivery of business insights, as well as smarter outcomes.

R Systems offers Machine Learning-based services to help you attain superior quality standards and enhanced accuracy. With our ML capabilities powering your organization, you will be able to identify and analyze critical data to derive intelligent information.

R Systems empowers business users to quickly discover and gain insights from the business data and helps them to make strategic decisions which yields significant ROI. R Systems leverages the power of analytics, cutting-edge technologies and best practices to gain actionable insights from the large volume of data across the enterprises.

R Systems’ modern data management practice aims to achieve your business goals of creating exceptional customer experiences and fuel your top-line growth, by integrating disparate data systems/sources for enhanced information management.

R Systems’ data monetization & modernization practice aims to improve your organizational agility and fuel your top-line growth, by making your data work smarter and enable data-driven decision making.

R Systems assists organizations in automating their mission-critical processes while simplifying and streamlining workflows. Our experts ensure your operations are effectively executed and stay in line with industry compliances. With R Systems as your ally, you will enhance productivity with accuracy and consistency, as well as reduce turnaround time to boost your bottom line.

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