Leveraging IoT for Seamless Business Transformation

R Systems' mission is to help organizations securely leverage end-to-end, commercial-ready IoT software on a larger scale to maintain a competitive edge.

What R Systems brings to the table

Whether you want to launch an IoT initiative, upgrade an existing IoT application, or integrate IoT with your legacy system, the experts at R Systems will help you meet your unique business goals - while addressing all your concerns along the way.

Our services are an amalgamation of cutting-edge industry components designed to provide seamless and actionable insights.

Our Services Include

With billions of new devices waiting to be connected to each other, today’s businesses are leaving no stone unturned in leveraging IoT to better serve their customers.

R Systems’ innovative cloud solutions will help you develop cutting-edge IoT applications for web and mobile.

Our experts revolutionize business models via secure device connectivity - while identifying and analyzing IoT use-cases for constant evolution. R Systems’ IoT-based approach will create additional revenue streams by reducing costs, enhancing productivity, augmenting security, and boosting ROI at every turn.

The lack of resources should never hold you back from bringing your best ideas into fruition.

R Systems has you covered.

We will collaborate with stakeholders to understand your business objectives, project scope, and complexities to deliver IoT services tailored to your needs. We’re highly specialized in developing software to transform legacy systems while enabling smart two-way data flow to create unhindered processes.

Collecting real-time data from connected devices is only valuable if the insights can actually spur meaningful business growth.

R Systems employs powerful analytics engines and user-friendly visualization to derive insights from IoT devices.

We employ the most viable methodologies to gauge your current degree of analytics maturity and enable growth-focused decision-making. Our real-time regular and ad-hoc reports will further enhance your business processes while optimizing productivity.

Whether it’s application testing and deployment, execution, or providing continual support throughout the migration, our experts do it all. R Systems helps you move organizational infrastructure, enterprise applications, and business processes to the cloud with minimal downtime. We also assist in augmenting your organizational performance by identifying and mitigating risks, as well as managing opportunities to create scalable business solutions.

PaaS – a critical component of cloud computing, has transformed the way applications are designed. PaaS allows developers to build & deploy innovative applications without any hassles, by offering application scalability at lower costs and versatile environments for application building. Our team offers wide-range of integrated tools and platforms that accelerate the application lifecycle processes with minimal coding while keeping your business goals at its center.


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