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R Systems and Amazon Web Services (AWS) drive modernization and help clients accelerate their journey to the cloud. As an AWS Advanced Tier Services partner, we offer a rich portfolio of AWS solutions including:

Modernize and migrate windows workloads to AWS

Global reach. High availability. Security and compliance. Lower costs.

The advantages of migrating to Amazon EC2 are well known. R Systems has proven expertise in migrating Microsoft Windows and SQL Server workloads in EC2.

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  • Cloud  Adoption
  • Application  Modernization
  • Data  &  Analytics
  • Managed  Cloud  Operations
  • EC2  for  Windows
  • Cloud  Cost  Optimization
  • AI  &  Machine  Learning
  • Cloud  Application  Development
  • IoT  Devices
  • Professional  Services  On-Demand

Our phase-driven cloud adoption solution and innovative cloud tooling helps businesses during every stage of cloud transformation. R Systems works in close collaboration with customers to achieve the desired digitalization objectives in the most cost-efficient and capable manner.

We count on serverless cloud-native technology and containers to help you update and modernize your mission-critical business applications and software within the shortest duration of time, while maintaining a high level of scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Our holistic data & analytics solutions help you harness the full potential of Big Data to garner actionable insights. Right from visualization to ingestion, our expertise into converting unstructured data into insights can help you achieve organizational innovation.

Our AWS certified experts and cloud practitioners help customers achieve operational excellence during every phase of cloud transformation and digitalization journey. Gain round-the-clock access to global teams of AWS experts and achieve seamless cloud transformation.

R Systems provides on-demand access to AWS experts, cloud practitioners, and highly skilled engineers who help enterprises build, optimize, and maintain live AWS production environments in the most cost-effective and immaculate manner.

R Systems, an Advanced AWS Partner, is in a position to help you strategize & implement cloud migrations, and modernize your Windows-based solutions. With vast experience across multiple domains, we can maximize your agility, security, and cost efficiency.

R Systems helps clients design, architect & implement Amazon EC2 for Windows, adopting EC2 for Windows’ best practices by AWS in a secure, reliable & high-performance environment for deploying Windows-based apps & workloads.

We have helped numerous organizations achieve cost optimization through our continuous monitoring and cost analysis techniques. Our cost optimization solutions help you keep an intact tab on cloud spend, while driving ROIs exponentially.

R Systems leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses during distinct stage of cloud transformation. We also employ cutting-edge data science and analytics technologies to further drive positive digitalization outcomes.

Our cloud application development services help you tackle the challenges of legacy application with utmost competence. We help businesses design, architect, and build cloud-native business applications that are empowered with self-healing, auto-scaling capabilities.

We help businesses bring their IoT campaigns to life in the shortest duration of time. From prototype to production, our expertise into IoT enables businesses to induce bespoke customization in their IoT projects and reduce time to market significantly.

Our AWS Solutions

Transform Your Finances with Generative AI

We offer a Financial Solutions Assessment powered by Generative AI (GenAI) to revolutionize financial services. This assessment, funded by AWS, includes use case discovery, AI readiness evaluation, and Proof-of-Concept (POC) development using AWS SageMaker, Bedrock, and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG). Critical applications include fraud detection, portfolio management, debt collection, customer service, automated document generation, and financial forecasting.

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Seamless Healthcare Management at Your Fingertips

Patient X, powered by AWS, is a healthcare mobile app that revolutionizes health management by simplifying appointments, prescription refills, and health monitoring. Utilizing AWS services like Amazon EKS, EC2, S3, and Lambda, the app ensures secure, efficient, and user-friendly experiences. Key features include seamless appointment scheduling, streamlined pharmacy refills, and easy call-back requests, enhancing accessibility and quality of care.

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AWS-powered Manufacturing Solution for Connected Operations

We have developed an AWS-powered solution that streamlines manufacturing operations by integrating smart technologies. Key components include AWS IoT Core and AWS Greengrass for real-time data capture, Amazon Kinesis, and AWS Lambda for data streaming, Amazon S3 and AWS Glue for data storage and ETL, Amazon QuickSight and Amazon SageMaker for visualization of KPIs and machine learning application, and more. This solution improves operational visibility, streamlines process with automated alerts, and boosts financial performance by linking operational and financial data.

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Streamline Your Auto Repossession Process with AWS

We leverage AWS to revolutionize the auto repossession sector, simplifying the process of reclaiming vehicles from loan or lease defaulters. With AWS technologies, we streamline vehicle recovery, support lenders and leasing companies with scalable processing, and improve customer service with natural language interactions.

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Advanced Helmet/Hard Hat Detection System

We have developed a Helmet/Hard Hat Detection System powered by AWS Generative AI and computer vision for industrial safety. It employs AWS SageMaker for data labeling and model training, Lambda for real-time processing, and Kinesis Video Streams/IoT Core for live video feeds. Customizable alerts via SNS/SES ensure prompt corrective actions while seamless integration and scalability support widespread adoption. This proactive solution enhances safety compliance, facilitates swift interventions, and prioritizes worker well-being in industrial environments.

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Accelerate Your Cloud Journey with an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, R Systems accelerates AWS adoption by offering expert guidance and services. We also provide comprehensive digital and cloud services as part of digital transformation initiatives. Specializing in advisory, development, migration, modernization, security, and management, we empower organizations to leverage AWS effectively. Through Well-Architected Framework Reviews (WAR), we pinpoint high-risk areas and provide actionable steps for enhancement.

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Faster Time to Cloud: AWS Migration Solutions

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, R Systems offers tailored solutions for accelerating migration to AWS, focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Specializing in cloud adoption, application modernization, data and analytics, managed cloud operations, cost optimization, AI and machine Learning, and cloud application development, we empower organizations with modern infrastructure on AWS. Connect with R Systems to streamline your operations, drive innovation, and achieve your business objectives faster.

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Optimize Your Cloud Adoption with Expert DevOps Consulting

Our DevOps consultants initiate and streamline DevOps journeys, leveraging extensive expertise to drive innovation and collaboration. Our services include assessment of operational processes, automation of cloud-native development, infrastructure as code provisioning, and continuous evaluation of CI/CD pipelines. Highlights include free technical consultations, cost optimization through DevOps tools, and customized cloud adoption roadmaps.

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Achieve Optimal Workload Management and Cost Efficiency

We provide expert cloud consultation services, guiding clients on workload optimization, cost reduction, and solution evaluations. Our expert AWS-certified architects offer comprehensive assessments, recommendations, and roadmaps for proposed solutions. We develop proof-of-concept projects, conduct design analysis, and advocate process improvements. With a focus on technical leadership and continuous support, R Systems ensures easy access to expertise and reliability, serving as a trusted advisor committed to client success.

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Leveraging AWS Elemental Media Services for Live and VOD Solutions

R Systems utilizes AWS Elemental Media Services for top-tier live and VOD streaming solutions. This ensures seamless ad integration and multi-platform delivery, meeting the evolving needs of service providers for cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality streaming experiences.

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  • AWS-Powered Healthcare Mobile App - Patient X
  • Transforming Smart Manufacturing with AWS
  • Leveraging AI for Repo Automation
  • AWS-Powered Personnel Safety Solution
  • AWS Optimization with Well-Architected Framework Review
  • Cloud Professional Services
  • DevOps Professional Services
  • Cloud Architecture Optimization
  • Cross-Platform OTT App Development with AWS Elemental Media Services


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