TOP Testing Suite

Advanced Testing Delivered, with Agility

R Systems’ aim is to help organizations automate their test plans, reduce regression testing from days to minutes and support our clients’ continuous testing activities using Agile & DevOps CI/CD.

TOP Testing Suite is a modular, multi-platform and multi-protocol solution that allows software engineers to perform advanced levels of functional, performance, regression and stress testing in complex telco/IT environments.


  • Provides a full set of industry-leading telecom testing tools & protocols like:

    Diameter, SS7, RADIUS, SIP, SOAP/Web Services, JMS, CORBA, SMPP, SQL, JDBC, Telnet/SSH, LDAP, etc.

  • Simulates both Diameter and SIP signaling used in VoLTE session management
  • Allows simulation and analysis of MSCs, SCPs, billing & charging systems
  • Provisions data to multiple nodes, to thoroughly test system behaviors for any logical combination of network elements, protocols & services
  • Enables easy configuration of events and continuous captures of the measured network protocol data, due to a highly intuitive GUI
  • Allows extensive testing of BSS/OSS apps, SS7/IP network elements & end-2-end services


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