Achieving Analytics Sophistication: Becoming an Analytics-Driven Organization

"RPA implementation can provide companies with a cost reduction of 35-65 percent for onshore process operations and 10-30 percent in offshore delivery."


Analytics Sophistication:

In today’s world, a successful organization has to achieve data and analytics competencies to stay competitive and relevant. An organization can position itself ahead of disruptions in its industry by leveraging detailed relevant data which is at its disposal and by applying a variety of analytics on the data. This is a compulsion for many classic organizations as they are under constant threat of disruptions in their own markets by newcomers or agile competitors. Although nothing can save an obsolete product or business model, analytics is fundamental for new product innovations and improving existing products and their reach to the right customers the right way.

This white paper explains various progressive levels in the journey towards becoming an analytics driven organization.

Key learnings from the whitepaper:

  • Overview
  • Analytics-Driven Organization
    – Big Data Revolution
    – Resurgence of Machine Learning and AI
    – Analytics as Competitive Advantage
    – Analysis and Assessment (Analytics focused)
    – Implementation (Operation-focused)
  • Analytics Maturity
  • Analytics Sophistication
  • Analytics Skill Gap


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