Deciphering Voice of Customer through Speech Analytics

"RPA implementation can provide companies with a cost reduction of 35-65 percent for onshore process operations and 10-30 percent in offshore delivery."


Speech Analytics:

For most retail businesses, customer interaction via call centers is a very significant communication channel. Organizations typically receive thousands of customer calls every day. According to an industry report, over 56 million hours of conversations (nearly 420 billion words) are spoken a day in call centers worldwide. If the audio data thus collected can be aggregated and analyzed, it can yield quality insights into customer expectations, preferences, service issues & product usage. While speech analytics is not a new technology to the market, most of the business executives are still skeptical about the value it can add.

This whitepaper aims to illustrate basic technologies used in speech analytics, their use cases and how RoI from speech analytics software can be maximized.

Key learnings from the whitepaper:

  • What is Speech Analytics?

– Challenges analyzing speech data

– Algorithms for transforming speech to structured data

– Key components of a speech recognition system for Analytics

– The Technology comparison

  • Organizational Use Cases For Speech Analytics
  • Solution Landscape: Vendors, Product and their market share
  • Recommended Architecture for Speech Analytics
  • Case Study: Predicting NPS in Health Insurance

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