Image Recognition – Revolution & Applications

"RPA implementation can provide companies with a cost reduction of 35-65 percent for onshore process operations and 10-30 percent in offshore delivery."


Image Recognition:

Data, in particular, unstructured data has been growing at a very fast pace since mid-2000’s. Eighty percent of all data generated is unstructured multimedia content which fails to get focus in organizations’ big data initiatives. A good portion of this multimedia content is images and videos­. Readily available smart wireless devices along with the rising popularity of sharing images and videos through the internet have contributed significantly in the massive growth of this type of content. Images and videos now reflect a good portion of human knowledge, interactions and conversations. Today, this immense knowledge of image & video data and increase in image sharing as the old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ have sparked a significant opportunity to create new use cases, applications and products. For decades, the processing, understanding and recognizing of images have been a big technical challenge in AI and Machine Learning (ML) and it still remains to be a challenge.

For many of these applications, the automatic understanding of images/ videos will provide new business opportunities in terms of augmenting and enhancing customer experience.

This white paper explains various progressive levels in the journey towards becoming an analytics driven organization.

Key learnings from the whitepaper:

  • Overview
  • – Exponential Growth
    – Statistics
  • Image Recognition
  • – Approaches
    – Deep Neural Networks
  • Recent Innovations
  • Applications
  • – Information Organization
    – Industrial Automation and Inspection
    – Detecting Events
    – Human-Computer Interaction
    – Modeling Objects and Environments
    – Navigation
    – Marketing, Sales, Customer Experience and Advertising
    – Weak AI vs. Strong AI

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