Revolutionizing Your Salesforce Environment with DevOps!

"98% of teams adopting Salesforce DevOps have reported a significant return on investment, with most seeing monthly returns of $10K."

Source: The State of Salesforce DevOps 2023


The ever-increasing digital demands and user expectations have raised the bar in terms of how customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are leveraged by the company. And Salesforce has enabled businesses of all sizes to reach that standard. Salesforce has enabled organizations to digitize and manage client interactions and assisted them in making the best use of cloud infrastructure.

Salesforce’s growing use for complete business solutions has made it increasingly valuable to, but maintaining a complicated Salesforce environment with various users and developers is challenging. Furthermore, Salesforce’s development restrictions highlight the importance of DevOps. DevOps integrates cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to expedite development, reduce the development lifecycle, and produce high-quality apps continuously.

Version control, continuous integration, automated testing, and backup are all DevOps practices that can assist businesses in optimizing development processes and solving the complexity of maintaining big Salesforce org. Salesforce DevOps solutions can be required if you have a big team, numerous developers operating across multiple sandboxes, or employ complex products like Salesforce CPQ.

Key Learnings from the Whitepaper:

  • Adoption of DevOps in Salesforce
  • Why a Business Needs Salesforce DevOps Tools?
  • DevOps Best Practices
  • DevOps Benefits
  • Pillars of DevOps
  • Popular DevOps Tools for Salesforce
  • A Real-world Use Case of DevOps in a Salesforce Environment

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