Intelligent Automation

Powering Your Enterprise with Cognitive RPA & AI

R Systems’ mission is to help organizations automate enterprise-wide systems, with an end goal of improving resource & time management and reducing human errors.

R Systems is among the leading professional services providers for Intelligent Process Automation. We assist you in deploying software robots (commonly known as bots) that imitate human steps for repetitive processes. Our goal is to boost your business productivity, ensure compliance, and enhance overall customer experiences.

With R Systems as your technology partner, you will have no limits in delivering greater value to internal and external stakeholders.

Bringing Your Vision to Life with Intelligent Process Automation

R Systems provides your business with a full spectrum of Intelligent Process Automation services to make your business smarter by leveraging:
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Virtual Agents

Our Services Include

A major portion of your operational costs is used by processes that require the manual swivel chair activities such as data entry into ERP systems. These activities are typically handled by humans, unless they are automated through expensive, complex integration solutions.

With these repetitive, tedious manual tasks, we have an opportunity to employ Intelligent Process Automation to increase accuracy, reduce costs, and positively impact your customer experiences.

R Systems’ Task Mining allows organizations to:

  • Take a data-driven approach to monitor task performance
  • Gain richer insights on user actions
  • Gather valuable user interaction data

We help you identify and weed out common errors in your manual processing, while discovering opportunities for automation to further enhance business processes. We guide you in harnessing technologies like NLP & OCR to analyze user interaction data and improve performance. Our superior Task Mining processes, enable you to detect inadequacies in manual work, faster than before.

Our Task Mining not only assist you in optimizing the productivity of your workforce, it also helps you identify areas where it matters the most, for guiding your innovation efforts.

Businesses need to function at optimum capacity to stay cost-effective, compliant, and ahead of the competition.

You cannot afford to focus solely on workforce productivity. Success depends on your ability to continually find ways to enhance processes using Process Mining. R Systems helps you leverage Process Mining and empowers your organization to extract fact-based insights from enterprise systems such as CRM & ERP. We leverage data mapping techniques and visual process analytics to demonstrate the process performance and recommend (and implement) improvements.

Our Process Mining technology also provides predictive and scenario analysis to gain stronger insights into the impact of various process changes before the costly implementation and potential re-work.

Your internal and external customers interact with chatbots that not only provide optimal solutions to their problems, but do so in a human-like engaging manner. Our intelligent bots powered by world-class AI & ML algorithms will meet this customer expectation.

At R Systems, we create bots that use advanced NLP (with NLU & NLG) to successfully analyze & extract intent from your customer interaction. We use deep neural networks & transformer architecture models to enable chatbots that seamlessly adapt to human behavior & intelligent conversations, understand their sentiments, and communicate effectively to resolve an issue or a query. Automated traffic calculations and management systems make the process efficient & fast.

R Systems has partnered with leading Cloud providers to leverage their Conversational AI platforms to develop virtual agents that meet your needs. These include:

R Systems: Your Automation Partner
From Strategy & Planning, To Execution & Management

Most organizations have a hard time adopting automation due to inept coordination between stakeholders, failure to build convincing business cases, inability to identify appropriate automation opportunities, botched attempts to deploy solutions, and unacknowledged change management issues. Our team of experts at R Systems help you embark on the automation journey with our full spectrum of services from start to finish. Our experienced automation leaders work synergically to ensure successful implementation of your automation efforts, and to maximize the ROI.

Key Benefits for Your Organization:

Speed and Accuracy

Service Delivery

Technology Agnostic

Flexible Engagement Model

Technology Agnostic

Better Strategic Focus



Partner Ecosystems

Sustainable Competitive Edge

Use Cases
A Forrester report states that the RPA market will be worth $2.9 billion by 2021.

In the modern digital era, an increasing number of businesses across various industries are embracing automation to enhance day-to-day operations and workflows. Industries are now witnessing early adopters of IPA, who are leveraging it to outperform competition and increase ROI at lowered costs.  

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