Modern Data Management

Making Data Work Smarter

R Systems’ MDM practice aims to achieve organizations' business goals of creating exceptional customer experiences and fuel their top-line growth, by integrating varied data systems/sources for enhanced information management.

Success in the modern business world starts with sound data management. A reliable process should seamlessly draw from diverse data sources to provide rich insights for ongoing growth and development. This requires an adaptable enterprise architecture that not only facilitates meaningful customer interactions, but fulfils changing business needs in the long term.

R Systems is your partner in establishing this system.

Retail banking

Fintech start-ups have disrupted the market with technologies like blockchain and digital wallets. Customer expectations for personalized and easily accessible services have grown manifolds. Evolving financial eco-system has thrown several challenges towards retail banks to meet rising market conditions. Retail banks need to provide end-to-end banking solution, opti-channel user experience and leverage relevant data for actionable insights.

Rsystems help in building customer centric digital strategies. We help clients define strategic direction and execute the operational and technology changes. With our deep industry experience in automation and upgradation, we help retail banking in improve customer satisfaction, increase customer reach and counter non traditional banking competiton


Unite all customer platforms to drive engagement by leveraging omni-channel solution.

Harness the power of big data and analytics to provide personalized services.

Upgrade, support and maintain services to ensure secured and reliable operations.

Use predictive analytics to identify and save bank from fraud and risk.

Investment banking

Banking & Financial organizations are facing the challenges of efficient and affordable services due to constantly fluctuating market conditions and tightening regulatory environment. Enterprises need to deliver excellence in the form of customized, personalized and transparent services which meet compliance and deliver results. R Systems’ certified consultants can help enterprises ride the disruptive wave by leveraging big data and analytics/AI. Our Investment Banking IT solutions ensure intelligent compliance and can be customized or scaled as per specific business needs.

Efficiently leverage the advantage of cloud, machine learning and AI to adapt more efficient operating models for better performance and customer-centric services.

Increase transparency, achieve greater consistency and have more flexibility to react efficiently while reducing risks.

Achieve greater control of data to generate quicker business results while focusing on client efficiency.


Disruptive innovations including digital wallets, cryptocurrency and contact less payment among others have disrupted the fintech market globally. Innovations in the financial sector has shifted decisively from product-centric to customer-centric. Out-of-the-box thinking and innovation has become the engine of growth for banking services. R Systems is imparting fresh thinking and innovative approach to provide industry leading Payments solutions to clients. We work in synergy with our clients to completely understand the customer behaviour to come up with the most suitable, compliant and growth rendering solution.

Enable opti-channel engagement by leveraging digital innovations including digital wallet, mobile banking and contactless payment systems.

Save resources by automating time-taxing financial process such as international payments, clearings and settlements.

Provide end-to-end mobile solutions including mobile banking, transaction and payment solutions.

Digital solutions

-Banking & Financial organizations are struggling from customer attrition and low-value clients. Enterprises need to enhance customer satisfaction by embracing digital transformation through efficient modernization of exisitng legacy systems. R Systems’ Digital Solutions are designed to help businesses leverage the true potential of big data and analytics to achieve greater customer loyalty and drive long-term relationships for better ROI. We help you enhance digital maturity by radically improving their Customer Experience, Business Operations and Models.

Identify, plan, and release omnichannel services essential for customers while measuring their impact on customer retention and the bottom line, and optimize offerings over time.

Deploy bots to enhance & automate customer service and streamline business operations.

Leverage Machine Learning capabilities to analyze historical data while studying heaps of real-time data to detect frauds and develop algorithms for better trading decisions.

Mobile Solutions

The right mobile strategy can enable enterprises to leverage mobility as an enabler to enhance customer experience while driving organizational growth, reducing operational costs and creating business advantage. Advanced mobility services can help enterprises drive customer loyalty, improve brand visibility and increase productivity. R Systems can help Banking & Financial organizations envision and achieve business goals by integrating mobile channel completely with other channels of the organization. Our innovative mobility solutions target key areas including payments, sales and marketing to provide leading-edge among competitors.

Ensure rapid implementation of mobile framework by leveraging agile methodology

Leverage big-data and analytics to predict customer needs for improved services and offers

Ensure cost effective implementation of scalable and highly customizable mobility solutions


Banking & Finance industry is reeling from decreasing bottom lines and increasing and increasing churn. Enterprises are facing the challenge to increase efficiency while reducing the cost of services. R Systems’ Automation Solutions help businesses reduce costs and increase revenue by facilitating quicker time-to-market and better cross-selling. Our intelligent automation solutions are helping enterprises build a base for current and future revenue enhancement while transforming the way they function.

Eliminate human errors and achieve consistent and inexpensive implementation of well-defined rules, procedures and criteria.

Identify alternatives and give smart recommendations to optimize the decisions and actions of humans.

Increase capacity and free employees to focus on higher-value projects.

Our Services Include

Many organizations have a hard time gathering the right data and ascertaining its applicability. As data volumes continue to grow, enterprises are struggling to extract the most prevalent insights and precisely connect customer information to business efforts.

R Systems empowers enterprises to not only analyze information accurately, but leverage it to enhance operational efficiencies.

Cloud computing is the future. Organizations across the board are wasting no time in using it to boost business outcomes. But, the process of migrating historical data, legacy systems, applications, business processes, and infrastructures to the cloud is chock-full of unforeseen challenges.

With years of experience in the cloud arena, R Systems enables enterprises to meet these challenges and migrate systems to the cloud without hampering ongoing operations.

Enterprises depend on highly integrated datasets to power business decisions. To do this properly, data warehousing efforts must have a smart process of managing information from multiple systems to gain accurate context.

Armed with years of expertise in the ETL domain, R Systems empowers organizations to integrate business-critical data across heterogeneous platforms, maintain its integrity, and provide auditing necessary for efficient data warehousing and analytics.

Traditional IT infrastructures do not serve today’s organizational needs. As enterprises continue to move away from archaic and manual configurations, the process of modernizing IT frameworks must have the versatility to incorporate ever-changing datasets.

R Systems enables enterprises to develop agile data architectures to remain flexible as business needs evolve into the future.


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