Advanced Analytics

Leveraging big data for business transformation

R Systems'mission is to enable organizations to make smarter business decisions in the way of customer lifecycle and experience, marketing, operations and fraud & risk management, by using advanced analytics.

The modern business environment necessitates intelligent data-driven strategies to enhance business processes, speed, and outcomes. At R Systems, our data scientists apply machine learning, predictive modeling, pattern recognition, and text mining to provide actionable solutions that benefit you both now and in the future. For us, the real value of analytics lies in faster and more accurate delivery of business insights, as well as smarter outcomes.

Our Services Include

Models backed by predictive analysis can prepare organizations for the future. Predictive models draw on relevant datasets to pinpoint specific prospects who are most likely to convert and identify what they’re most inclined to buy. Predictive analytics can also help categorize customers who may defect, as well as suggest ways to retain them.

Our experts at R Systems leverage predictive customer analytics and big data technologies to empower businesses with large-scale data processing, seamless integration, and secure storage. With these components, you will have a granular view of your customer lifecycle from A to Z.

Predictive analysis is crucial for formulating processes and technologies that measure the success of marketing campaigns. By critically analyzing business metrics like ROI, market attribution, and overall effectiveness, you can ensure that your campaigns are improving week after week.

The experts at R Systems build sophisticated marketing models that collect and integrate intelligent data from multiple channels. This, in turn, enables more confident decision making, fewer errors, and effective implementation of your marketing initiatives.

Operational decisions call for the analysis of large volumes of structured and unstructured data. Operational analytics solutions transform this data into valuable information that improves decision making, lowers costs, and encourages sustainable growth.

R Systems delivers in-depth analysis of your organization’s performance, reduces downtime, increases productivity, improves forecasting, and maximizes flexibility.

With the explosion of data on the internet, organizations are finding it extremely difficult to monitor every transaction or exchange of information. Our fraud and risk models employ far-reaching analytics to detect irregularities resulting from fraud, as well as identify high-risk activities.

Our end-to-end solutions enable enterprise-wide fraud detection and mitigation. We use insights from industry compliances, advanced algorithms, and internal and external data to secure your entire digital environment.


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